What if you could greatly simplify IT while saving money and setting up your business for growth? You can. We can help.

We start with your business goals.

Small and midsize companies are often thought to be the growth engine of the economy. As market conditions improve, these companies need to assess the critical factors necessary to support growth. The common “growth ingredients” are people, processes, and technology.

Cost-effective approach to growth

Over the past few years, we have all learned a lot about doing more with less and being smart about keeping costs down. At the same time, many companies have relied on aging infrastructure and technologies and are now at a place where some decisions need to be made to support their business objectives: simplifying IT, saving money and growing the business.

Clucic Technology Services and Microsoft believe you can cost-effectively improve technology to help you grow your business –and we have a plan to help you get there.
Big benefits to modernizing IT

Many experts agree that a top priority for small and midsize companies should be to migrate from older technologies. The reasoning is simple.
Older technologies:
• Represent security and regulatory concerns.
• Are more expensive to maintain.
• Don’t provide the necessary flexibility to support growth.

Believe it or not, the simple action of upgrading your aging servers and operating systems can significantly reduce costs, and set you up for some amazing benefits, including virtualization.

How it works

Microsoft software makes it easier for companies to simplify the way they manage and benefit from their IT investments.

Simplify IT

Spending less time worrying about the technology and more time advancing the business is a goal for most businesses.

Widows Server 2012 delivers through improved management, enhanced data security and compliance and by serving as a complete virtualization platform.

Save money

Saving money on IT is important.  Windows Server 2012 will help you reduce IT costs with affordable storage; companies can now maximize investments by virtualizing industry standard storage across new and existing hardware.

Equally as important to saving money is ensuring that you are not sacrificing performance; Windows Server 2012 offers continuous availability to keep the business up and running, while scaling your environment to perform at the optimum level for the current needs of your business.

Grow your business

Translating your IT investments into real business value can make all the difference in your bottom line.  Windows Server 2012 can help you channel your energy into creating an agile business through innovative capabilities and flexible solutions that are interoperable with what you have making it easy to upgrade existing business systems without the stress of undue costs.

How Clucic Technology Services can help

The next step in understanding how IT modernization and virtualization can help your business is to assess your current environment: your servers, applications, and network. From there, we can provide recommendations on how to best upgrade, virtualize, and consolidate your infrastructure.

We can help you all along the way, to ensure that you and your team are well prepared to support your next wave of growth.