Staffing: Full Time IT Guy “on steroids”

While using our staff as described in the outsourcing sectionis the most common and popular service option for customers, there are some customers with the need for a full time presence at their location(s). Usually customers needing more than 60 hours of service a month can start to see benefits and cost savings by starting a conversation to get full time staff representation.

A big benefit of using Clucic to supply this staffing is that you retain the benefits of using us as a full service helpdesk. Your staff benefit from having one of our technicians on-site at all times while retaining the comfort of having our team of technicians just a phone call or email away. Similarly, that one on-site resource is still backed by a full team able to take on any task needed to properly support your organizations.

Staffing & Hiring
We deal with IT however it makes sense for you. By helping you hire your own personnel or using one of our staff full time. We have worked hard to develop methods of attracting and assessing top IT staff, let us put our efforts to work for you.

Hiring: Build Your IT Department Right

If you are at that point of needing to hire a full time IT person, consider starting your conversation with us. If internalizing your IT makes sense, we can help ensure that your internal IT has the best head start possible. From assessing your need to help determine the best job description to post, to taking on the task of candidate searching and vetting; let us deal with the technical side of the interview process and you can focus on getting a good match for your company. A new hire who knows their stuff and will support you well moving forward, who you can be sure has the knowledge to not just support your current environment but grow it.

Clucic already has an interview process established for assessing the capabilities of technical support staff and we would love the opportunity to put it to good use for your organization. Additionally, as staffing is not our core business, we can help you without having to take a portion of salary that ought to go to your new staff member. Pay your staff what makes sense, and get our assistance for a simple hourly cost that is determined by the time we invest and no more.

IT Focused on Your Primary Business Needs

Hopefully it is becoming obvious that we are not in business to keep you small. We want to see you grow and succeed. We believe that technology should only be used where it can benefit. So we provide technology in a manner that will benefit those receiving our services. We are not afraid of our customers growth, if you outgrow our support services we want to encourage and assist that growth however we can. This is why we provide all of these options. Our intention is to enable success in our customers as we believe that it speaks strongly of the service we provide. When your technology enables you to grow smoothly, it means we are doing our jobs well.

Whatever stage your business is in now, start a conversation today to see how we can help and what the future can hold with IT that is focused on your business needs.