Virtualization and Cloud Solutions
Everyone is talking about it and you should too. We<br />function well in the real world, in the virtual world, and in the cloud. Allow us the opportunity to walk you though the ins and outs of these newer concepts. We can provide a capability assessment, assist with<br />migration projects, or take over a former installation.

Seeing Blue Skies Through Cloud Services

The cloud is a buzz word with a lot of meaning. For small businesses, it can mean peace of mind through backup services, data access anywhere, or increased functionality and mobility. For some software packages, it means the end to vulnerabilities due to un-patched systems, more affordable licensing, or shared access across multiple devices. But at its core, it means change. You have to change the way you think of your technology and your capability.

Change can be difficult, it seems like just when you get used to the way things are, something comes along to mess it all up. The cloud is one of those somethings, but properly implemented, cloud services don’t mess things up at all. Allow us to work with you on assessing your need and what possibilities exist for your business, if getting into the cloud makes sense, we will help ensure that the transition is properly planned for, implemented, and then supported on the other end.

Making Virtualization a Reality

Make the most of your servers with virtualization. You spent a small fortune getting your new hardware, ensure that you are getting the most out of it by having one of our technicians assess your capabilities. Virtualization can take many forms, from taking your actual servers and making virtual representations of them; to creating virtual storage or network resources. There is still actual hardware in the mix, but the ability to virualize can increase your capability in many ways, giving you high availability, creating redundancy, or assisting in backup both on or off site.

Joining You in the Cloud

A sad reality nowadays is that many transitions to the cloud are either poorly thought out or experience a failure upon implementation. Whatever situation you find yourself in, if you are already in the cloud but need a bit of help finding your way, we can help.

Obviously there is a benefit to having the same company implement and support, but even if we didn’t implement it, we can help get you sorted. Sometimes it just takes new eyes to see the issues and set you on a path back towards hassle free technology in your business.