Software Sales
Software and licensing go hand in hand, but often<br />licensing gets left behind. If you do not know the current state of your software licensing; avoid an audit<br />nightmare and have one of our technicians assess your environment to get you squared away.

Getting Software Compatible with Your “Stuff”

Buying software can get confusing, buying software through a technology partner will help ease if not completely remove the stress in your buying experience. We will work with you and your staff to understand the need, the environment, and the issues that may arise from new software. Don’t be surprised by the unexpected, let us help define the hardware, training, or policies that will be required with your new purchase.

Licensing and Compliance

One of the biggest challenges and weaknesses in most technology environments is ensuring and maintaining licensing compliance. Many organizations are not complaint and are not even aware that compliance is a need. Even recent legally purchased software can present a problem if records are hard to find or nonexistent.

Updates, Improvements, Upgrades, and Patches

Similar to the hardware in use at your business, the software can need maintenance. Avoid potential problems by letting us assess your environment and suggest areas for improvement or highlight areas of concern. Outdated and un-patched software presents the most common and in many cases the most severe risk to your data and in turn your customers information.