Networking & Security
Keep your systems talking and the outside world out of your network. Our staff would love to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your network is secure.

Keeping Your Customers’ Data Secure

You only get one shot to protect client data. After that trust has been violated you are forever “that company that got my information stolen”. That is the type of word of mouth that can put a practice out of business.

Let us assess your current network infrastructure to ensure that you are keeping the right people out while still allowing yourself in. There is no such thing as 100% security with systems made of people, but there are steps that can be taken to minimize risk.

Minimize Risk by Minimizing Exposure

It is inevitable that some of the systems in your network need to talk to the outside world. One simple way to add a level of security is to ensure that only systems or programs that need to talk to the internet can. We will work with your users, your network, and your software vendors to ensure compliance in your configuration while keeping in mind the overall security of your network.

Segment Your Networks

One thing that constantly surprises me is how many businesses have their guest wireless on the same network as their internal systems. There is not a lot of cost or complexity needed to separate your guests from the rest of your systems. If you are not sure where your data is on your network, contact us today to find out. We will come out to freely assess your technology practices and give you suggestions on what can be improved.

Erasing Data (with more than just a cloth)

If you are retiring old technology, you should give thought to what data still exists on the hard drives. This includes any devices that store business information like cell phones, tablets, desktops, or servers. Keep your business data secure whenever you are thinking about getting rid of a device. Contact us today to discuss options with one of our technicians.