Where’s My Wifi?

It seems more and more that any business that has a waiting room is expected to also provide their customers with top performing wireless access. If you find yourself in this situation and don’t know what your options are, we can help. From setting up basic customer access to getting more advanced with your service options.

One free word of warning is that you DO NOT want to simply throw a wireless device up on your network without thought. While you will indeed give your staff and customer access to the internet wirelessly, you may very well give all of your customers access to your internal network as well. This may sound obvious to you, but I have personally connected to free wireless in a waiting area and seen everything from file servers to the point of sale computer. If you aren’t sure how your wireless is configured, set up a time to have one of our technicians assess your environment.

Wireless Networking
Like it or not, everyone has a mobile device and<br />providing staff and customers a good wireless<br />experience is crucial to happiness and loyalty. Let us help you assess your need, propose a solution, and<br />support you along the way.

Site Wide Wireless

Getting wireless to work seamlessly across your entire site can have a multitude of challenges. If you find that you have areas without service or struggle to maintain connection when walking through your building we can help. Addressing site restrictions with wireless can be a tricky task to tackle we will survey your site looking for issues of concern and get you a solution to resolve your wireless headaches.