Our Experience Working for You

Clucic has many years of supporting, researching, buying, and implementing IT hardware in a variety of environments. Allow us the opportunity to put this experience to work for you.

From choosing Dell vs HP to looking at the many different options in wireless or networking, work with a one of our technicians to appropriately define your needs, research the options that are out there, and finally purchase at a price that works for you.

Hardware Sales
From desktops to servers, and wireless to cameras. We can get you the right product for a good price. Be sure to also ask about our <a href="http://clucic.com/services/implementation">implementation</a> services when talking with your sales person.

Our Partnerships Working for You

We partner intentionally with many different companies to ensure that we can get you the best products at the best price. We spend time working with these companies to ensure we are up to date on product offerings, knowledgeable of capabilities, and understanding of the challenges or issues each device has.

Working with Clucic technicians allows you to capitalize on our experience and familiarity to ensure that your business is getting the functional technology you need.

Get the Most Out of Your Money

We understand the value of a dollar and make decisions in our business to ensure that each step, every choice is driven by good stewardship practices. We commit to never suggesting you buy something simply because we want to sell it. Our hope is that everyone we work with gets technology that appropriately meets their needs, has a measurable return on investment, and allows you to confidently return to us when products reach end of life.